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Electric Vehicle
Golf carts were first powered by electricity, and later, gasoline-powered carts emerged. However, in order to be environmentally friendly, quiet, and safe, the electric powered models have found great popularity. This is why, at Auto Power, the leading electric vehicle manufacturers in India primarily are involved into electric vehicle manufacturing of electric golf carts. We welcome you to try our electric motor car and ev electric vehicle products..
Electric Vehicle
  • Higher efficiency by as much as 400 to 600 percent, over an internal combustion engine
  • No pollution since powered through batteries and charged majorly with solar/wind
  • Three times as efficient as gas engines
  • Extremely safe and compact
  • Better mileage than any other IC Engine car on the road.
  • Silent and Cool to drive.
  • The electric motor car is 100% emission-free, doesn’t pollute by-products and hence
       ensure clean and green environment. An eco-friendly electric utility vehicle today.

    For healthier eco-friendly alternative, choose Auto Power's EVs electric vehicles
    1. Factory / Warehouse / Plant
    2. Factory Security personnel
    3. Police Patrolling Vehicles
    4. Office - Factory Visits (Internal & External)
    5. Airports (Internal & External)
    6. Multi Residential Complex
    7. Theme Pary / Zoo / Fun Rides / Wild Life Sanctuary
    8. Exhibition Centers (Internal & External)
    9. Golf Course
    10. Ports / Marine Dockyard
    11. Small Town and Villages
    12. Railway Station
    Electric Vehicle
    Electric Vehicle - EVs (UTV) Rough Terrian - EVs
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    EVs - 2/4 Seater EVs - 4 Seater
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    EVs - 6 Seater EVs - 8 Seater
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    EVs - 4-5 Seater EVs - Eco-Cart
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